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Cases Involving Serious Burns Or Electrocutions

Serious burns and electrocutions can cause severe external and internal physical damage and can sometimes lead to death. Treatment for a serious burn can result in extensive medical treatment in a burn unit, and some patients even require skin grafting.

At Clary | Suba | Neale, we understand the physical and mental trauma of a serious burn or electrocution. Because medical expenses are such a huge part of the consequences of a burn accident, it is essential that you are able to afford the necessary treatment. In the case of a serious burn or electrocution, we will help you receive compensation for the harm caused to you or your loved one, which will help you pay for increasingly expensive medical bills.

A Few Important Things To Know About Cases Involving Serious Burns Or Electrocutions

  • According to the National Institute of Health, burns and electrocutions are the result of heat, sunlight radiation, chemicals, or electricity damaging your skin and other tissues.
  • The National Institute of Health reports that gases, hot liquids, steam, and flammable liquids combined with fire are the most common causes of burns.
  • Third-degree burns are the most serious type of burn and damage the deepest layer of skin as well as underlying tissues, such as muscles. Third-degree burns sometimes require skin grafting, and treatment can be very expensive. Second-degree burns, which damage the top two layers of skin, can also be quite serious. First-degree burns are the least serious and damage only the outer layer of skin.
  • A burn from electrocution may not appear as serious as a burn from fire, but the internal damage nevertheless can be very serious.

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