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Attorneys James R. “JR” Clary, Jr., Christopher S. Suba, Casey D. Neale and Briton J. Myer

Meet Our Team Of Hard-Working Trial Attorneys

At Clary | Suba | Neale, our law practice is all about meeting people’s needs and making their lives better. Our lawyers are well equipped and collaborate as needed to assist clients in many areas of the law. Cases include divorce, personal injury, business law, general criminal defense, successions (probate) and more. For many Louisiana families in the Baton Rouge area, our law firm is the only one they will ever need.

Our attorneys look forward to getting to know you if you have legal concerns that they can help with. Meanwhile, you can get to know them by following the links labeled with their names below.

Attorney and equity shareholder James R. “JR” Clary, Jr.

James R. Clary, Jr., has been a trial lawyer for 40 years. His lifelong career aspiration is representing clients in courtrooms all across the country.

Attorney and equity shareholder Christopher S. Suba

Christopher S. Suba is a native of Alexandria, Louisiana, and spent most of his life in Baton Rouge after completing his higher education. From our law office in Dallas, he focuses exclusively on commercial and personal injury litigation.

Attorney and equity shareholder Casey D. Neale

Casey D. Neale handles a range of plaintiff personal injury matters, defends licensed professionals, resolves commercial and business disputes, advises on family law matters and defends clients in criminal cases.

Attorney Briton J. Myer

Senior associate attorney Briton J. Myer, has already made his mark many times over in family law, personal injury litigation and commercial dispute resolution.

Attorney Garret W. Wick

As an Associate Attorney, Garret strives to deliver thoughtful, personalized service to the firm’s clients.

Experience Our Personalized Approach And Teamwork On Your Behalf

When you become a client of Clary | Suba | Neale, you will have personalized counsel and continuous, convenient access to the lawyer who is in charge of your case. Along the way, you may also receive assistance from other attorneys and staff members at the firm. At this firm, you will discover that we truly care about your well-being. Our lawyers draw on extensive experience and work in support of each client’s desired outcome.

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