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Attorneys James R. “JR” Clary, Jr., Christopher S. Suba, Casey D. Neale and Briton J. Myer

Business Formation, Operations And Litigation

At Clary | Suba | Neale, we and our associated network of competent professionals have experience in all types of commercial, real property, real estate and construction litigation. While our business law practice focuses on dispute resolution and presenting any complex business matter to the court or a jury, we also pride ourselves on assisting businesses on developmental issues on the “front end” to avoid potential future disputes down the road.

Our goal, as we guide you in business organization and transactions, is to allow you to avoid the time and expenses associated with lawsuits and court actions. Bringing Clary | Suba | Neale on board in the beginning – before you have become entangled in litigation – can protect you and your business from this type of exposure.

Beginning And Running Your Business For Profit, Not Trouble

We are keenly aware of the challenges that entrepreneurs and startups face. To meet their needs, we deliver a multidisciplinary approach that lays the foundation for success. Established business owners also benefit from the guidance and advocacy that we provide in various legal areas such as contracts. We are available to serve as your legal resources in key areas such as:

  • Selecting the entity for your new partnership, limited liability company (LLC), S corporation or nonprofit organization
  • Handling all aspects of your business formation, including filing the business name with the state, getting a tax ID and more
  • Selecting or designing logos and other intellectual property (IP) that will be associated with your business
  • Devising a strategy for protecting your IP such as trademarks and trade secrets
  • Lining up your marketing plans with your business structure and IP protection
  • Determining employment law practices such as hiring; training; and explaining benefits, such as insurance and paid or unpaid time off, to employees
  • Disciplining, promoting, demoting and terminating employees
  • Interacting with shareholders, investors, insurers and lenders

Take advantage of our experience, integrity and dedication to the health of our clients’ businesses. We will help you get your new enterprise off to a good start or fine-tooth operations of an already existing business.

Commercial Litigation

No matter how diligent you are in your business planning, beginnings and operations, you may encounter legal troubles along the way. We are business litigation attorneys who will help you prevent or respond to litigation involving partners, investors, other businesses or government agencies.

We will represent you and your business in case of:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Business partner disputes
  • Commercial property leases
  • Intellectual infringement claims
  • Unfair business practices

Let us discuss your concerns and begin devising a strategy to protect you from a lawsuit or bring a claim against a wrongdoer.

Discuss Business Transactions Or Litigation With A Lawyer

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