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When Medical Care Includes Harmful Medical Errors

Medical malpractice refers to a situation in which a medical professional or personnel agrees to treat a patient and provides substandard medical care that causes undue harm to the patient. Because it is the responsibility of the plaintiff – the party pursuing medical malpractice litigation – to prove that medical malpractice occurred, prompt legal advice is essential.

It is very important to solicit the help of an attorney who not only knows the law but also has the skills to discover all the relevant facts and make a compelling case on behalf of the victim. This is how we begin medical malpractice claims at Clary | Suba | Neale. We are trial lawyers who are ready to fight to learn the truth and get you the compensation you deserve.

Medical Malpractice: A Brief Overview

The scope of medical malpractice covers a broad range of negligent actions, including:

  • Basic negligence in medical care settings
  • The administration of incorrect medicine
  • The failure of a doctor to correctly diagnose cancer or other critical time-sensitive conditions

When acts and omissions such as these result in a patient’s illness, injury or death, it is reasonable to consider whether medical malpractice occurred. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the median award amount in medical malpractice cases is typically relatively high compared to those in other areas of injury law. However, the success rate is relatively low for plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases. Therefore, it is very important for the plaintiff to choose a lawyer with extensive litigation experience.

Many of our clients say that they are not only looking for money; they also want to help prevent future similar wrongdoings in the medical field. The Louisiana Medical Review Panel is a useful resource. This group handles the complaint and review process for potential malpractice cases. This organization is authorized to take actions such as:

  • Notifying the defendant – the medical professional – of the complaint
  • Suspending prescription privileges
  • Providing expert opinions on complaints

For more information, ask one of our lawyers about the responsibilities and powers of the Louisiana Medical Review Panel.

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