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Commercial Trucking Accidents

When you have been involved in any kind of serious accident, it is important to have professionals on your side. We are experienced personal injury attorneys who can help you navigate the often-complicated laws surrounding any motor vehicle accident, especially when interstate commerce safety laws apply. Accidents involving 18-wheelers and interstate commerce typically have several legal entities involved – from the drivers to their insurance companies to the trucking companies that hire and manage them. We have the skills and experience to handle each one of these legal entities in a way that most benefits you, our client.

At Clary | Suba | Neale, we understand how traumatizing an accident can be, especially when a semi truck – also called a big rig or an 18-wheeler – is involved. To help you pursue compensation after a trucking accident, we will investigate thoroughly to obtain every important necessary detail about the crash. Then, we will build your case seeking the financial compensation that you need and deserve.

Things To Know About Collisions And Injuries Caused By 18-Wheelers

Semi trucks have the capacity to be more dangerous than regular automobiles because of their size and weight. One of those trucks is about the size of a small building. In fact, some people make homes and offices out of shipping containers that big rigs haul. When such large vehicles crash with cars, motorcycles and light-weight small trucks, injuries are typically serious or fatal.

In addition to the size factor of vehicles used for interstate commerce, accidents involving them can be legally complicated because:

  • They involve the laws of multiple states.
  • Professional truck drivers’ activities intersect with those of other people and entities, such as inspectors, maintenance facilities and loading dock crews.
  • Government bodies and their contractors who do upkeep on signs and roads are sometimes at fault, too.
  • It is common for responsible parties’ insurers to complicate and delay injury claims as they seek to shift the blame to one another.
  • Truck companies, insurers, road repair businesses and other involved parties typically have robust in-house legal teams that work hard to minimize their clients’ liability.

When we represent clients injured in truck accidents, we often face multiple legal opponents, but we do not give up. We are determined attorneys when it comes to getting justice for our clients. We are trial lawyers who prepare every case as if it will go before a judge and jury. This approach and our strong reputation often enable us to get large settlement offers for our clients without going to court.

Work With Qualified Legal Advocates After Suffering Losses In A Truck Accident

With more than 75 combined years of experience, we are well aware of the exorbitant medical expenses and other losses that you likely face after an accident involving an 18-wheeler, a construction vehicle, or a gas or oil tanker truck. We are ready to fight for the recovery you deserve.

To schedule a free consultation, call us at 225-228-3694 or send an email message. Complicated, high-stakes litigation is our forte at Clary | Suba | Neale.