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What Is A Parenting Coordinator?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Family Law

The case for a parenting coordinator.

Parenting effectively through divorce and other family law issues is hard! Parents and children alike need all the help they can get during times of adversity. Parenting coordination fills a need that many Baton Rouge parents do not even know that they have, but what is it exactly?

If you are getting a divorce or already divorced, you are likely very familiar with conflict. It plagues split families relentlessly, often lasting well into a child’s early adulthood or even their entire lives. Parenting coordination answers the need for stability, peace and cooperation between parents. As a non-confidential process centered on the children, coordination helps children by helping parents in conflict-filled family situations.

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What is a parenting coordinator?

A parenting coordinator is an unbiased third-party–usually a legal or mental health professional–trained to assist in high-conflict parental relationships. One of the main goals of parenting coordination is helping families put parenting plans into place and then abiding by the terms of these plans. Coordinators also help in other ways, including:

  • Educating co-parents about children
  • Monitoring the behavior of each parent
  • Helping parents resolve their disputes
  • Making suggestions or recommendations

The list above is far from exhaustive as parental coordinators often help parents address serious family law issues as well. Examples include psychological assessments for children and substance abuse testing for parents and/or children.

Most co-parents in Louisiana will never need a parental coordinator. However, if you hear this term in a family law court, it is probably a good idea to ask an attorney for guidance. Anything that can help children survive a divorce with their emotional and mental health intact is always worth pursuing.

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