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Understanding the most common construction defects in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Construction Law

Construction projects are a common source of lawsuits in Louisiana, often based on construction defects. Construction defects can get classified into four main categories: design defects, material defects, workmanship defects, and structural defects.

Design defects

When a construction project begins, specific plans and specifications usually detail how the project needs to get done. If the construction does not meet these plans and specifications, it may get considered a design defect. One of the most common examples of a design defect is when the construction plans violate the local building code. Code violations can often lead to safety hazards and other problems down the road that could trigger construction law proceedings

Material defects

Material defects occur when the materials used in construction are not up to par. For example, if an engineer uses substandard lumber to construct a home, the house will likely experience problems such as rot and insect infestation. Also, using the wrong materials for a particular construction project can cause problems down the road. For example, using concrete rated for parking to construct a foundation can lead to cracking and structural support issues.

Workmanship defects

Workmanship defects are errors made during construction that result in a lower-quality finished product. These errors can range from minor cosmetic defects to major structural problems. An example of a workmanship defect would be if the framing of a house is incorrect, which could lead to the walls and ceiling collapsing.

Structural defects

Structural defects are usually the most severe type of construction defect. They occur when the construction of a building is not done according to code and can result in the collapse of the entire structure. Causes of structural defects may include material, workmanship, or quality defects or discrepancies.

Suppose you’re a property owner who has discovered construction defects on your property. In that case, getting someone to help you assess the situation and determine how to fix the problem is essential. Depending on the severity of the defects, you may need to hire a construction professional to make repairs or even completely rebuild the affected area.