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Protecting the Best Interest of Your Child During a Divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Family Law

If you have made the tough decision to end your marriage, you’re likely aware of the psychological toll your divorce may take on your children. By placing the best interests of the youngest members of your family first, not only do you limit trauma to your children, but you increase your odds of reaching a more favorable outcome in regards to your divorce or custody litigation.

In many states, the court considers the best interests of the children when issuing custody orders and divorce decrees. State law in Louisiana lists 14 Factors that play a role in determining what is in the best interests of children. They fall into the following categories:

1. Parent-Child Relationship

In family law matters, the nature of each parent’s parent-child relationship is vital. Developing emotional connections, demonstrating love and affection are all effective strategies to strengthen the bond you have with your kids.

2. Needs of the Children

Judges often consider the needs of the children, especially when an agreement cannot be reached among separated parents. In addition to their fundamental need for things like food, shelter, clothing and medical care, your kids may also have specific educational or religious requirements. Providing what your child needs to thrive may boost your standing in the eyes of the court.

3. Abilities of Each Parent

Parents must prove capable of meeting their child’s needs financially, physically and emotionally. If you find yourself in a custody battle, demonstrate you can meet the needs of your kids. It will also help your position to avoid negative behaviors like drug or alcohol use.

4. Household Stability

Children who have experienced the trauma of a divorce tend to need as much stability as possible. You should take steps in your parenting plan to preserve a sense of normal for your kids. If at all possible, keep them in their current schools and with their same social groups. Maintain your children’s current living arrangements is also critical in their stability during this time.

By providing a stable environment for your children during this hard time, you’re already on the right track. In Louisiana, the 14 Factors in determining the best interest of a child can also be a guide in improving your children’s chances of a quick and healthy recovery from the emotional trauma caused by divorce.