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Tips for Co-parenting Across State Lines

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2020 | Family Law

Sharing the custody of your children with your former spouse can be difficult when you live close to each other. Sometimes your ex doesn’t live near by, and in these instances, you must adapt to co-parenting from a distance.

Your children’s time with each of their parents is important. If you don’t want them to lose out on either relationship, you and your ex must work together to enable a connection. Here are some great tips for co-parenting across state lines:

  • Schedule regular communication

    Just like a custody arrangement, a communication schedule can ensure your children regularly speak with their other parent. Setting up one or multiple days every week can help keep lines open. And with video calls, they can even talk face-to-face with your ex.

  • Keep your former spouse updated

    Try to make sure your ex knows what’s going on in your children’s lives. If you don’t want to speak on the phone, you can text or email. You can even use a shared calendar that shows your children’s schedules.

  • Make arrangements for extended stays

    If you have primary custody, the other parent may miss out on visitation time. During summer and holiday breaks, your children can visit your ex and stay for a while. These trips can ensure your children maintain a relationship with both parents.

  • Work with your ex

    A relationship with both parents is usually in your children’s best interests. Regardless of how you feel about your former spouse, try to find ways to help him or her stay close to your kids.

Long-distance co-parenting can be stressful for both you and your children. By creating a plan and by working together, you can ensure your kids have both of their parents in their lives.