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Sticking to you and your children’s schedules is tough enough during the school year, but add in a divorce and coordinating schedules may be even more complicated than usual. On top of after-school activities, play dates and school obligations, you may need to keep track of who it is that’s picking up your children, who will attend sports games and dance recitals, and where the kids will sleep at night.

As if simply keeping track of everybody’s busy schedules wasn’t work enough, you may also feel expected to remind everyone else what their plan is too. It’s one thing to remind your kids about the day’s schedule, but it’s probably not at the top of your list to touch base with your ex every day to solidify the details of your schedule. Fortunately, there are a ton of tech tools available to you that can help alleviate your schedule coordination madness.

Some of the top free apps for that help streamline scheduling include:

  • Google Calendar

  • Cozi

  • SquareHub

Sometimes a simple tool is all that you need

Although Google Calendar may be the least flashy app on the list, its minimalism and simplicity help make it one of the most effective tools for scheduling. Google Calendar allows you to make your own calendar and share editing permissions with other members, like your ex-spouse, so you can both make necessary changes to it without requiring communication. You’ve even got the ability to make more than one calendar to organize different types of events in your life. For example, you can keep things organized by setting up one calendar for your custody schedule and another for your children’s activities.

Having everything in one place has its advantages

Among other features, Cozi allows you to include each family member’s events in one color-coded calendar. Each family member can have access to the same calendar, so everyone will be well versed on the day’s events. You can even plug in reminders for important events and tasks. The Cozi app also allows you to store lists, such as grocery lists, to-do lists or packing lists— fully customized to your life.

Older children may want more involvement with scheduling

If you have older children in their teens, you may prefer an app that allows more fluid communication and multiple contributors. SquareHub is a private social network app that you can design just for your family. It allows each member to send messages to each other, coordinate and view schedules, and share photos. The app seamlessly brings all of this to one place. It is designed to be safe for children, and even includes a “check-in” feature so you can know your kids are safe, no matter where they are.

Managing schedules can be difficult during the school year when everyone in the family is busy. It can be even more challenging when divorce has caused changes to your family’s normal routines. However, a clever app may be able to help you get organized. If you find a system that works for your situation, it may help your whole family stay on track throughout the school year.

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