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There are some best practices to keep in mind immediately following a car accident. If you were involved in a crash that wasn't your fault, here are some steps to take:

Check yourself and your passengers for injuries:

Your health and well-being is top priority, so don't attempt to do anything until you take this step.

Gather all the necessary information:

You'll want to exchange phone numbers and insurance details with the other driver, but don't feel compelled to talk about any details of the accident— there is plenty of time for this later.

Call police to the scene:

It's often a good idea to call for help, especially if one or more person is injured. With police on the scene, you can be sure that a report will be filed with all the necessary information. This can work in your favor when filing a claim with your insurance company.

Contact your insurance company:

You should do this as soon as possible, as you want them to know what happened immediately. They can provide additional advice and guidance on what steps you should take next.

Let your insurance company do its job:

In an ideal world, the other driver's insurance company steps in and pays for any damages they ought to. Of course, this doesn't always happen, but your insurance company can help facilitate the process.
Depending on what happens after the accident, you may need to contact a personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal rights. Unfortunately, it's possible that the other driver's insurance company will continue to fight back, arguing that the crash was partially or entirely your fault.

You never want to be pushed around, so make sure you are equipped for anything that comes your way. Contact us if you have any questions regarding an automobile accident of any kind.

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