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Warning signs of adoption fraud

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Family Law

Couples that cannot have children on their own often turn to adoption to start a family. Accepting and loving children born to another person is a solution for all involved parties. However, adoption is an area vulnerable to fraud, especially when the parties do not get experienced legal guidance.

Anyone can be a victim of adoption fraud. The birth mother and the adoptive parents may suffer fraud perpetrated by a phony adoption agency, for example. Couples seeking to adopt a child may be victimized by someone claiming to be pregnant and in need of an adoptive family. The goal in all cases of adoption fraud is to bilk couples or pregnant women out of money. Unfortunately, heartache is a painful byproduct of fraud.

Following are some common warning signs of adoption fraud:

  • Pressuring parties to sign documents right away
  • The birth mother or an agency never returns your calls
  • Getting a “guarantee” about adoption (there are no guarantees)
  • Cannot or will not provide proof of a pregnancy
  • The birth mother will not attend meetings with a family law attorney or agency
  • Rushes or demands discussions about fees or other expenses

Adoption brings the joy of loving a child to potential parents and peace of mind to birth mothers. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about the process of adoption. Couples and birth mothers alike need protection when they enter into the adoption process. A great place to start is consulting with a family law attorney who can guide you toward legitimate prospects while spotting signs of fraud.