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How does Louisiana enforce child support obligations?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Family Law

Despite orders handed down by a family law court, thousands of Louisiana parents neglect or refuse to meet their child support obligations. This leaves the custodial parent with the overwhelming task of making ends meet without help from the co-parent. However, the children who deserve support and care from both parents end up suffering the most in these situations.

Custodial parents who are not receiving court-ordered child support should not hesitate to ask for legal assistance. Speaking with a family law attorney is an excellent way to get started. Your lawyer can petition the court for enforcement actions against the noncustodial parent, which include the following.

  • Garnishing income
  • Intercepting tax refunds, both state and federal
  • Denying passport applications
  • Intercepting funds from lotteries
  • Suspending vehicle registrations
  • Suspending the license to drive
  • Suspending professional or occupational licenses
  • Suspending sporting licenses
  • Holding the parent in contempt of court

The state’s Department of Children and Family Services is responsible for collecting and then distributing support on behalf of the child. As such, you can be sure it already knows that your co-parent is delinquent. However, by having your attorney petition the family law court formally, it may be possible to speed enforcement.

Those who are on the other side of this common family law problem can also seek assistance when they cannot meet their support obligations. Rather than skipping one or more payments in a financial crisis, reach out for help from a lawyer. This can allow you to seek a modification of your child support orders without ignoring your obligations. Action on your part also helps you avoid incurring penalties from the state.