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Decisions must be made even in a childless divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Family Law

Family law issues can be complex because they deal with many different lives. This can make it a challenge when you are trying to come up with options to handle various aspects of child custody and divorce. Instead of only having to think about yourself, you might have others to think about. Of course, if you are divorcing and don’t have children, you only need to protect your own interests.

We realize that you might need some help figuring out what options you have for negotiating alimony and property division settlements. These discussions must be handled carefully so that you can ensure the choices you make are in your best interests.

Not all divorces include orders for alimony. Typically it is awarded to parties in marriages of long-standing when one of the spouses didn’t work and remained at home caring for the house and/or kids. In these cases, there might be some sort of spousal support ordered to provide financial backing while the receiving spouse eases back into the workforce. We can review your case to help you learn what might be possible.

You also need to think about how property division might affect your finances. It might be difficult for you to think about money right now because you may be accustomed to having your ex’s income to help pay for things. Since you don’t have this any longer, you need to set up a budget based on only your income.

We realize that you might have some questions right now. We can work with you to help you learn how you can protect your interests during the divorce process.