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Prepare for your first holiday as a divorced single

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Family Law

The first holiday season after a divorce is challenging for many people. You might be surprised by the range of emotions that come up during this time of year, even if you were the one who wanted to end the marriage. Finding ways to make it through this year is important, so be sure you think carefully about what you might need to do.

Be prepared to experience a variety of feelings this year. You might go from being happy that you can choose how to celebrate the season to being tearful thinking about past holidays. You never know what might trigger these emotions. You may see a specific decoration or hear a song that reminds you of something that brings up strong feelings that you thought you had conquered.

One mistake that some individuals make is not getting out to enjoy the holiday. Sitting at home alone can leave a lot of time to feel sorry for yourself and to wallow in the “what ifs.” This can be devastating. Instead of trying to make it through the season alone, accept invites to holiday parties or host your own. You might just want to spend time with a trusted friend. Another good option is to volunteer somewhere helping others, which is a good way for you to count your own blessings.

Make sure that you think about what types of traditions you want to start. If you have children, involve them in the process. Since you are the only adult in the home right now, you can do things your way. The traditions don’t have to be huge. Something as simple as enjoying hot chocolate and popcorn while watching a favorite holiday movie on Christmas Eve can be something fun to look forward to.