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Commercial construction delays can cost you money

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2018 | Construction Law

As a business owner, you need things done in a timely manner. When you hire a contractor to remodel or build for your business, you need the project completed by the deadline. Your company can lose money if things aren’t finished when they are supposed to be. This is one reason why you need a contract to govern the project.

When a contractor bids on a project, they need to look at various factors to determine the price and timeline for the job. This isn’t always easy to determine, but experienced contractors will be able to figure these factors out.

One thing that they must do is to plan for things that might slow the project down. During the process of determining the timeline, they need to think about all of these. This gives them the chance to pad the schedule a little so that you have a realistic idea of how long things will take.

Some of the more common delays that can impact commercial projects include having a long lead time for materials and waiting on permits to be approved. Communication problems can also lead to delays. These are all things that the contractor should plan for when they bid on a contract. It is always better for them to finish ahead of schedule than for you to deal with monetary losses because of delays.

The contract that you sign at the start of the project can be valuable in cases that involve delays. There should be recourse outlined in the contract, so you should review this to determine what options you might pursue if the project is taking longer than expected.