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Baton Rouge traffic may worsen this holiday season

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2018 | Personal Injury

The traffic in Baton Rouge is notoriously heavy. As the holiday season marches on, this is going to get much worse, especially around the mall and shopping centers. All drivers in the city need to plan for their trips to take a bit longer to accommodate that uptick in traffic. We know that you might have important things to do, but you should always put your own safety first.

One area where you need to be especially careful is around the left-hand exits in the city. Some drivers who aren’t from here might not realize that these even exist. This might lead them to take unnecessary risks to try to make it to the left lane at the last moment in an effort to avoid missing their exit. Of course, you can’t control how other motorists are driving, so you won’t be able to avoid getting hit in some cases.

Another thing to remember is that we have some big events coming up in Baton Rouge, including the Alabama versus LSU football game. This means that the roads around Death Valley are going to be congested, so you should try to plan your route accordingly.

We know that you want to stay as safe as possible this holiday season. If you are involved in an accident, get medical care quickly. This might help you find injuries that could get progressively worse without proper care. You also need to look into the possibility of filing a personal injury claim to seek compensation for the damages you suffered due to the accident, and in Louisiana you must decide to do so within one year from the time of the accident. We are here to answer any questions you may have and facilitate this process.