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Mediation can help to resolve divorce issues

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Family Law

Divorces are handled in a variety of ways. One of the more common is that the exes work out a settlement together through mediation. If you are considering using this method for divorce, you need to understand some basic points about it.

When you go through mediation, you work with a trained mediator who helps you and your ex work out unresolved issues. The mediator doesn’t make decisions for you. Instead, they are present to guide the process and keep it on track.

The mediation process is likely going to take place over multiple appointments. The first one is mean to get a grasp on the decisions that must be made and how information will be shared. This gives both sides a chance to gather important documents that they will need for the process.

There isn’t a set number of meetings that must take place to resolve everything. Instead, you will continue going back until all of the issues are resolved or until there is no longer hope of resolution outside of a courtroom.

It is best to consider all possible solutions that are being offered. In many cases, mediation will help settle issues faster. This can also mean that it is less costly than going through a trial. Additionally, you have a better chance of getting at least some of the things that you want.

Of course, it is possible to go to court if you can’t make mediation work. This will put the decisions in the court’s hands. While this might not be your first choice, it is better than remaining stalled in mediation for a prolonged period.