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Child custody arrangements must be realistic

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2018 | Family Law

Parenting a child who doesn’t live with you full-time can be a big challenge. When you consider that children thrive on consistency, you can understand why some parents choose to co-parent. That way, rules and expectations typically remain about the same from one house to the other. We know that this isn’t always easy for the parents to accomplish, but it is often best for the kids.

Your parenting plan is the blueprint for rearing the children together. When you are working with your ex on to decide your plan’s terms, you need to include whatever will help your children adjust to their new way of life. This is often a complex undertaking since it involves both you and your ex sorting through sometimes hot-button issues. We can help you determine your options.

One thing to remember is that the parenting plan on which you decide will probably need tweaked later. As your kids grow up, their needs will change. You can modify the parenting plan accordingly. This is either done through a modification petition filed with the court or through more casual agreement between you and your ex.

Often, the child custody situation will improve when the co-parents manage to have good attitudes. Even though you and your ex are on different sides of the divorce, you are still a parenting team. Remembering this. Make sure that you present a united front to the kids so they don’t attempt to divide and conquer.

As you work with your ex to develop a workable parenting plan, remember to be realistic about your situation. Your plan should be based on your child’s needs and all applicable circumstances.