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Take notes after you’re involved in a car crash

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Personal Injury

Taking notes after a car accident might seem like a burden, but they can help you later if you decide to seek compensation. There are several reasons that these notes can help you. Understanding some of these and knowing how to maximize your notes can help you. Consider these tips:

Jot down basic notes right away. As time progresses, you might forget some crucial points, or your memories might change. It is always best to try to make your notes as soon as possible. Even if you just text yourself a few notes or make a voice recording on your phone, it is a good start.

Include information about the car crash. Try to include the road and environmental conditions at the time of the crash. Was the road wet or dry? Was traffic heavy or light? Was there anything that might be important to your case?

Keep track of any injuries you have. Your doctor will keep a record in your medical file, but you can include information that you feel is important in your record. Note the extent of the pain that you feel due to the injuries.

Record conversations you have regarding the accident. This can help you to remember who you spoke to when and about what. This should include everyone from insurance adjusters to attorneys.

In addition to all of these notes, make sure that you are keeping track of any expenses related to the crash. This includes time missed from work, costs of getting care and any other payments you have to make. You should also make notes about how the injuries are impacting your daily life. These can help your attorney determine how much compensation to seek if you take legal action against any other drivers who are responsible for the crash.