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Breach of contract is serious in construction projects

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2018 | Construction Law

Construction law encompasses a lot of different areas. It can cover a case in which the contractor did a shoddy job constructing a building and now there are issues. A contractor not following the plans for a job can also fall under this umbrella. In many of these cases, the underlying issue is that the contract for the project wasn’t followed.

Every construction project should have a contract before the work is done. You provide the monetary compensation for the contractor to do the job and you expect them to do it. When they miss any vital part of the contract, you can try to get them to correct the issue. We can help you to do this. In some cases, the matter will be resolved without delay and in the manner stipulated by the contract.

Unfortunately, not all contractors are stand-up individuals. Some don’t have any care about what happens to their reputation. Instead, they leave behind a string of unsatisfied customers who won’t use them again. These shady contractors might not have a website or social media page so you don’t have any place to warn others in a large manner.

We know that you just want the problem corrected quickly. Whether it was shoddy work or a project not done to the specifications of the plans, you shouldn’t be expected to pay for a job that is done improperly. We can help you take action when necessary to get the matter handled in your favor. Our first step is to review the contract and find out about the situation. From there, we can help you create a plan and execute it.