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Is it hard for single women to adopt here in Louisiana?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2018 | Family Law

As a red southern state, Louisiana’s courts tend to reflect residents’ conservative attitudes. While this can be good in many instances, for single women looking to adopt, it can create additional layers of red tape.

The adoption process in general is fraught with pitfalls, including home studies that can appear to be quite invasive. Even private adoptions can be filled with drama, as the adoptive parent waits with bated breath until the birth mother finally relinquishes all rights to the child.

Other issues with single-parent adoptions include the presumption of birth parents that their child will be better raised in a two-parent nuclear family. Then, too, adoption agencies have strict guidelines regarding the ages of the parents chosen to adopt.

All of these factors can make single-parent adoption an iffy prospect. Many single women who long to be mothers circumvent the process by adopting internationally. But that is quite expensive and has its own set of drawbacks.

But when your biological clock has already wound down (or perhaps never started ticking), you want to jump-start the adoption process and get it finished already. That’s understandable, but it’s a good idea to lay your groundwork before initiating any action.

Assemble a strong support system of family members and friends who can help you get through this process and beyond. You’ll need to have babysitters at the ready to step in when you need a break, have to return to work or get sick. Your support system should consist of positive people who can encourage you and keep your spirits up when the future appears uncertain or even grim.

It’s also important to work closely with a Louisiana family law attorney who is familiar with the adoption process here in the state.

Doing the above can leave you better poised to be the best mother you can be to your future child.