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Consider your need for privacy when you are divorcing

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2018 | Family Law

There are many things that you have to think about when you are going through a divorce. One that you might not have taken into consideration yet is that you might want to take steps to protect your privacy. We can help you learn about what options are available to help you do this.

Many people don’t stop to think about the fact that court proceedings are a matter of public record. When you are filing for divorce, the documents and subsequent court hearings will likely be open for the public to review at the courthouse or possibly online. While it is understandable that this helps to keep the public informed of what the court is doing, it can be a real safety concern for many individuals.

Some of the possible points that you might not want to be made public are the arrangements about the children. Since they are minors, your children’s information might be sealed. You might also be able to get bank account information, Social Security numbers and other identifying or personal information sealed.

In some instances, business information needs to be protected. This can help to prevent competitors from getting their hands on trade secrets that your company needs to survive. You will need to show why these points should be sealed so be prepared for this.

We understand that you can’t let anything of this type stop you from going through the process. We are here to help you evaluate the options that you have for dealing with the privacy concerns. This might mean that we work with you to petition the court to redact specific points.