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Is your spouse angry? Expect these tactics during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Family Law

A divorce is always a fairly emotional time. After all, your entire life is being disrupted.

However, some spouses respond to their emotional upheaval better than others. Divorce can even bring out a spirit of co-operation that’s been missing lately in a marriage — when both people involved genuinely want the best for each other and want to move forward with a minimum of turmoil.

Beware the angry spouse, however. When one member of a marriage is outraged at the divorce and not particularly interested in fighting fair, that often spells trouble. You know your spouse best, but don’t be surprised at the following tactics:

1. False accusations of domestic violence or child abuse

Don’t think it couldn’t happen to you. Your spouse doesn’t need any actual evidence to get an ex parte order of protection. Courts err on the side of caution whenever domestic violence or child abuse is alleged and put temporary orders in place that force you to leave the family home and keep your distance — even from your own children. While you’ll eventually get your day in court, your life may be turned upside down in the meantime.

2. Outrageous demands and delay tactics

Some spouses think that the best way to get revenge is to try to clean your pockets. If your spouse is making outrageous demands for the assets, support and custody, you’ll probably also be subject to one delay after the other. Remember this: He or she can demand anything — that doesn’t mean that he or she will get it. In addition, delay tactics only work so long if your attorney is willing to take the issue to the judge and force a response.

3. Refusing to sign the divorce agreement

You’ve probably seen movies where one spouse makes the other jump through hoops to get their divorce agreement signed. Don’t believe it. If your spouse won’t sign, the court can eventually order the divorce anyhow. You aren’t hostage to his or her angry whims.

Stay calm and talk to your attorney before you react to anything your spouse does in anger. While you may be temporarily inconvenienced, there will be an end to it all one way or the other.