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Despite deadly accidents, state cannot widen I-12 highway

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Family Law

Back near the end of May, a crash on I-12 took four lives. There are those who think it is time to widen the highway in that area, as the population is one of the fastest growing in the entire state.

Of course, experts do note that it is impossible to be 100 percent confident that the deadly wreck could have been avoided if the road was not as narrow, but they generally agree that projects like this could help streamline traffic and potentially keep people safe.

Unfortunately, the projected cost is anywhere from $95 million all the way up to $120 million. That money could expand I-12 and put in additional lanes out on U.S. 190, another area that gets a lot of traffic for its size. With that high of a cost, the state’s governor says that they just do not have the funds.

The governor also said that he put together a task force that recommended increasing gas taxes. It would have been a big hike, adding 17 cents to every gallon sold. That would have brought in roughly $500 million every year, and the governor said that money could have fully funded both of the expansion projects.

However, the state Legislature did not endorse the tax increase, so it never happened, and now the state does not have the money to increase safety on the roads.

It is very important for those driving in Louisiana to understand the risks they face on outdated roads with many more drivers. Those who suffer injuries must know all of the legal options they have to seek financial compensation.

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