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Trampoline parks have become a billion-dollar industry. They provide year-round family fun and exercise. Most people come away from their visit exhausted and exhilarated. Some, unfortunately, suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

Jumping on any trampoline can be dangerous. However, in trampoline parks, multiple trampolines are connected by chain links or steel cables. With multiple people of varying sizes and weights jumping on this interconnected equipment simultaneously, the resulting waves of energy create "double bounces."

These can result in serious falls and other incidents. As one former gymnastics coach notes, the people on the trampolines are "moving at speeds and with energy that when they hit or get hit by somebody else that's twice their weight, they end up with crush injuries."

The former coach, who is sometimes called as an expert witness in civil cases against these parks, says, "Everyone in the gymnastic community calls them death parks."

While that may be an overly grim assessment, a recent report by CBS News found that at least six people have suffered fatal injuries in trampoline parks since 2012. The real number could be higher if some of the plaintiffs had to settle their cases in arbitration and sign confidentiality agreements.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the number of people treated in emergency rooms for injuries suffered at trampoline parks rose from 2,500 to nearly 18,000 between 2013 and 2017. Even nonfatal trampoline injuries can be catastrophic -- like broken backs and necks. Some people break or dislocate bones.

The former coach blames the design of these parks -- with trampolines not only interconnected but placed up against walls with only thin padding. Foam pits next to the equipment are often too shallow, he says. He also blames a lack of supervision.

The International Association of Trampoline Parks acknowledges, "There are parks that do not adhere to industry technical standards, and do not operate with safety at the forefront of their agendas." The group says it's working to require inspections of the facilities. State laws vary, and the federal government currently has no oversight of these parks.

If you take your family to a trampoline park, it's essential to carefully read any liability waiver or other document presented to you before you sign it and to keep a copy of it. If you or a loved one suffers an injury, it's wise to explore your legal options.


Personal injury cases are difficult for the victims because they are already dealing with so much from the effects of their injuries. This can make it hard for them to do much when it comes to their case. Fortunately, we can handle the legal work so that you can heal and focus on your recovery if you are in this position.

We find out what you need and what happened in your case. Once we have the basic information, we can give you an idea of what options you have. You need to think about these carefully so that you are giving us directions on your case based on what you feel is best for your needs.

These cases are usually resolved in one of two ways. Either you are going to be able to settle the case using negotiations, or you will have to go through a trial. Even when we are working toward a settlement, we still prepare for trial so that we aren't left scrambling if the negotiations fall short of a suitable resolution.

We know that you might be concerned about your bills during this tumultuous time. By seeking compensation, you are taking a proactive step toward trying to make that happen. Of course, there aren't any guarantees in these cases, so we will have to fight to protect your rights and keep the facts focused on what the negligent driver's actions did to you.

Remember that you only have a limited time to file your claim. The clock starts when the accident happens, so don't waste time. Once you pass the time limit, you can't do anything about the damages you suffered.


While some people focus heavily on the monetary compensation that is associated with personal injury claims, there is another reason to seek compensation after a car wreck. This is your chance to hold the driver who caused the wreck accountable before the court. For some victims, this is more important than the money. We understand that there might be several things that drive you to seek compensation. We are here to find out what's truly important to you so that you can get your case moving.

One thing to remember is that you can seek compensation even if you didn't notice that you were injured at the scene of the crash. Some injuries might not become evident until weeks after the crash. In those cases, you do need to get medical care as soon as you can so that you can tie the injury to the crash. You can also have the doctor get you started on a treatment plan.

In personal injury cases, plaintiffs have a duty to mitigate the damages. This means that you are taking the reasonable steps necessary to minimize the amount of damages that you have because of it. We know that this might seem like a lot to take in, but don't worry too much about it. For example, you can't be forced to have surgery.

We realize that you may have questions that you need answered. We can help you with that while we prepare your claim. You only have a short period of one year to get your claim filed in court, so don't wait too long since this time might fly by.

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One area of personal injury law that can sometimes prove complex is semitruck crashes. Oftentimes, these large companies want to try to place the blame for the crash on anyone other than the trucker. When this happens, you might have to work to show what happened on the day of the big rig accident. There are several things that we can do to show why the trucking company, trucker or other defendants are liable for the financial damages you are facing.

The investigations after these types of wrecks are often comprehensive. You must look into the results of this so that we can see if there is anything that will help your case. For example, you have to see what the logbook says about how long the trucker was driving. There is a chance that they had driven more than their allowed hours that shift or that they didn't take the required breaks.

Another thing that makes these cases so difficult is that the defendants might try to offer a low-ball settlement. Sometimes, they bank on the fact that the victim is going to need to pay bills, so they offer a quick settlement, but this might be so small that it doesn't even cover your bills.

When you are considering a trucking wreck settlement, remember that it needs to cover all of the damages of the crash, even the ones that haven't gotten yet. For example, you may need extended medical care. The settlement money needs to cover this. Almost all settlements will include a clause that prevents you from being able to seek more money in the future.

Another thing to consider is that you will have to abide by the terms of the agreement. This might include not disclosing anything about it. Plus, the defendants might not have to admit liability. Considering all of the points in the settlement offer might help you to decide if it is right for you.


Traffic in Baton Rouge has gotten horrible since the influx of people who came here after Katrina -- and it hasn't improved at all. Bumper-to-bumper conditions on I-10 and even local routes are common, but most residents have gotten used to planning for this and still use safe driving practices. Unfortunately, there are still drivers who think that it is best to try to cross multiple lanes of traffic at the last second.

If you are involved in an accident in Baton Rouge or the surrounding parishes, you might decide to seek financial compensation. This can help you reduce the financial impact that the crash has on you and your family. To initiate the process, you must file a claim for damages. We can help you to get this taken care of in a timely manner.

One of the challenges of these personal injury cases is showing that the defendant is responsible for the wreck. We can help you to put the pieces together to make this happen. We will also tie your injuries and the damages associated with them to the accident.

It is imperative that you keep a record of what damages you suffer because of the crash. This includes things like your medical care expenses, but you have to look beyond that. We also need to whether you missed time off of work, and it might be possible for us to include factors like emotional trauma and physical pain and suffering in your claim.

If you would like to know more, visit our website or call for an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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