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Parents that are able to work together after going through a divorce can help ensure their children thrive by using the co-parenting model. This enables consistency between homes for children because many of the rules remain consistent from one home to the other home. This is a challenge, but having some serious negotiations with your ex might be beneficial to your children’s circumstances.

Discuss your house rules with your ex and listen to the rules at their house. Decide which ones you can tweak so that they work at both households. Some rules, such as bedtimes, might need to be consistent for younger kids. Other rules, such as loud voices in the house, might not be needed at both homes if only one parent allows that type of behavior. Use your best judgement here.

When you are establishing the initial co-parenting plan, you need to be realistic about what your capabilities. The schedule should be reflect upon your and your ex's schedules so that you have a reliable plan for the children. If the children are very active in extracurricular activities, church or sports, you must consider that too.

Things will be a bit challenging, especially at first. However, co-parenting gives your children a massive advantage post divorce, because both parents are actively working together to figure out what is best for them.

Parenting between two homes isn’t easy, and no method is perfect. There are going to be situations when you and your ex don't see things eye to eye. If reasonable compromise just isn't feasible, you may need to return to court and have a judge give you the answer.

We can provide you with strong representation in these cases.

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