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18-Wheeler & Interstate Commerce Issues

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Accidents Involving 18-Wheelers & Interstate Commerce Issues

At Clary | Suba | Neale, we understand how traumatizing an accident can be, especially when an 18-wheeler is involved. If you decide that you want to pursue legal action following an accident with an 18-wheeler, we will obtain every important necessary detail about the situation before constructing a case that gives you the financial compensation that you need and deserve. When involved in any kind of serious accident, it is important to have professionals on your side who can help you navigate the often-complicated laws surrounding the accident, especially if the accident involves interstate commerce laws. Accidents involving 18-wheelers and interstate commerce typically have several legal entities involved – from the drivers to the insurance companies to the trucking companies. We have the skills and experience to handle each one of these legal entities in a way most benefits you, our client.

A Few Important Things to Know About Accidents Involving 18-Wheelers and Interstate Commerce

  • 18-wheelers have the capacity to be more dangerous than other automobiles because of their size; consequentially, accidents involving 18-wheelers are typically serious and are often fatal.

  • According to the United States Bureau of Transportation, large trucks were involved in 8.2% of fatal crashes in 2011. When you take into account that small cars far outnumber large trucks, this statistic highlights the dangerous potential of large trucks on the road.

  • Accidents involving interstate commerce are more complicated because not only do they involve the laws of multiple states but also because these truck drivers are professional and involved in interstate commerce for another business enterprise – as a result, the companies that the drivers work for can also be involved in litigation in one of these accidents.